The Polish parliament officially commemorated nazi-like militia from the `40 (and more)

The Law & Justice party – ruling in Poland since the end of 2015 – opened the political season this fall by a few drastic movements. And, surprise, surprise, the so called “democratic opposition” helped out!

MP Zbigniew Gryglas from the Modern party (Nowoczesna) defends in the Holy Cross Mountains Brigade in the Polish parliament and wears their ornament on his left arm. Source: Facebook:
MP Zbigniew Gryglas from the Modern party (Nowoczesna) defends in the Holy Cross Mountains Brigade in the Polish parliament and wears their ornament on his left arm. Source: Facebook:

Yesterday (Sept. 15th) in the lower chamber of the Polish parliament three important things happened.

The first and probably most disgusting was the official commemoration of the Polish nazi-like militia from the `40 – the Holy Cross Mountains Brigade (Brygada Świętokrzyska, BŚ). Essentially this was a group of extreme-right-wing-collaborationist armed gangsters advocated an open war with the pro-soviet powers and the Soviet Union itself after 1945.  Formally speaking the BŚ was a tactical unit of the so called National Armed Forces (Narodowe Siły Zbrojne, NSZ), one of the Polish underground military organizations during World War II. It did not obey orders to merge with the Home Army (Armia Krajowa, AK) in 1944 and was a part of the Military Organization Lizard Union faction (Organizacja Wojskowa Związek Jaszczurzy, OWZJ). In short, desperate Polish right-extremists who took to the woods to fight “the reds” and hoped for a new war with the Soviet Union. Of course, they never succeeded to mobilize anyone for their cause and ended up looting villages and committing all kinds of crimes and atrocities, including slaughter of Jews or other non-Polish.

Most important figures of the Polish Underground State, accused the Holy Cross Mountains Brigade of contacts with and enjoying support of the Germans. The movement’s periodicals described the BŚ as “openly treasonous”, and of being a “political fascist creation”. As stated in reports by the Home Army, the brigade was well armed and trained and operated in an almost open environment, tolerated by the Germans. According to the opinion of the chief of the AK intelligence for its Kielce district, the Germans provided weapons and ammunition and the BŚ openly cooperated with the Gestapo. The Germans appreciated their role in fighting the Red Army and the communists and as the source of diversion in politics of underground Poland, breaking the cohesion of the Home Army. Also, the Brigade refused participation in the anti-German military Operation Tempest with the explanation that this will enable the communists to take over Poland.

This is all really in short. I will gladly write more about the so called ‘communist underground’ that operated in Poland in the late `40. These people had no support in the society, they had no meaning from the point of view of the political and historical process, yet now they are adored as “the real heros of Poland”. Not only the BŚ, but many other organizations under the umbrella of OWZJ, particularly the National Armed Forces (Narodowe Siły Zbrojne, NSZ) from nationalist/fascist militia quickly degenerated into straight and simple organized crime. They were finally liquidated in 1948 by the functionaries of the Polish Ministry of Public Security (Ministerstwo Bezpieczeństwa Publicznego).

Yesterday, all the Polish MPs anonymously voted in a resolution in which the Polish legislature refers to the BŚ as “people who served their motherland well”. Anonymously, means, just to make sure everybody understands it, literally everybody in the parliament voted in favor. That is including all the MPs of the so cherished by the EU and the western media “liberal opposition”. There is no meaningful liberal opposition in Poland and the party of Donald Tusk, the Civic Platform is just as conservative and nationalist as the Law & Justice, just a little less aggressive and has different priories (rather business than church). However, as we see – their moral and political standpoint is clear.

It’s very symbolic for the situation in Poland – people who vote for prizing local fascists on a state level are supposed to fight those who propose to do it.

Otherwise, the Sejm voted Justyn Piskorski into the Constitutional Court. This guy made himself famous by publicly stating that there is basically no such thing as domestic violence “as long as we are talking about biologically functional family”. Also, the parliamentarians created a special center called the National Institute of Freedom which has only one goal – to create mechanisms of extended control of the entire non-governmental sector in Poland.

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